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Table grant

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Grants table privileges to users and roles. Invalid for system tables, grants all table table that also grant to the grantor. Grantors cannot grant gable that they themselves lack. Specifies a grnatby default public. If schema is any schema other than publicyou must table the schema name. For example:. The table can be a global temporary table, but not a local temporary table. Grants the specified privileges on all tables and views grnt schema schema.

Gives grantee the privilege to grant the same privileges to other grant or roles, and also revoke them. For details, see Granting Privileges in the Administrator's Guide. Was this topic helpful? Yes No. Vertica Concepts. Getting Started. Big Data and Analytics Community. Vertica Forum. Vertica Knowledge Base. Vertica Training. Fairy tail dragon cry torrent Blogs.

Send documentation feedback. To open today buy usa configured email client on this computer, open an email window. Otherwise, copy the information below to a web mail client, and send this email to vertica-docfeedback microfocus. Vertica Support. All Files. You are here:. Yes No Thank you for your feedback! Thank you for your feedback! How can we improve this topic? Your feedback helps to grant this topic for everyone.

This privilege must be set table both referencing and referenced tables. An go here ALL excludes these two privileges.

For example: myschema. If you specify a database, it must be the current database. Specifies the table on which to grant privileges. Explore Vertica Concepts Getting Started. Contact Send documentation feedback Close We welcome your comments!


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Only those privileges listed in the column value are enabled. Notice that the owner's implicit grant options are not marked in the access privileges display. For role membership, the membership appears to have been granted by the containing role itself.

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Default privileges always include all privileges for the owner, and can include some privileges for PUBLIC depending on the object type, as explained above. Supported Keyring Key Types and Lengths. Per account resource limits are stored in the user table, in the mysql database.

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Here are examples of granting permissions on tables: 1. Grant select permission on the employee table to user freddy: GRANT SELECT ON employee TO freddy. Each grant table contains scope columns and privilege columns: Scope columns determine the scope of each row in the tables; that is, the context in which the row​.

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Each grant table contains scope columns and privilege columns: Scope columns determine the scope of each row in the tables; that is, the context in which the row​. Grants table privileges to users and roles. Users must also be granted USAGE on the table schema. Syntax. GRANT { privilege[, ] | ALL [ PRIVILEGES ] [. ALTER, Change the structure of an existing table using the You can grant the CREATE privilege on tables that do not yet exist.
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