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Drink seven and seven

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The Seven and Seven resembles to whiskey sour in outline. Also, Seven and Seven is considered as a high ball drink.

The highball drinks are the ones which are fixed by combining the alcohol based drinks with large portion of non-alcoholic drinks. The drink acquired popularity as the and drink of the Hollywood characters.

The drink was ordered for the first time by characters of the movies Mean streets and Saturday Night Fever. Its re-entry to the films was marked by Robert De Niro ordering it in Godfellas. He got the idea after observing his friends who have previously mocked the drink.

Preparing and Serving - Seven and Seven Following the basic Seven and Seven drink recipe -as a first perquisite to fix a drink — a shot of Seagram 7 is poured into the glass and topped with 6 ounces of 7-Up Soda. These beverages are either mixed over an ice or they are mixed and served with ice.

The drink is only served after adorning the glass with a lemon wedge. The drink is served in different glasses for female and male customers. For male customers normally the Seven and Seven is served in an old —fashioned glass: Collins glass or Rocks Glass.

For female customers the Seven and Seven is served in a chilled martini glass sword freya adorned with maraschino cherries. The glass is also adorned with a sugar go here. The experts say that this particular type of highball should not be served in a stemmed martini glass because there are the chances that the drink seven spill over the place.

Many drink variations are prepared by replacing the basic lemon-lime flavor with some equally seven flavor. Some drink variations also suggest combining tonic water or ginger ale with the Seven and Seven. Are you sure you want to logout? Ok Cancel. Login Register Forgot password? The soda quantity is retained as in original and. Normally this type of Seven and Seven drink served drink a Bucket glass or Collins glass. Seven Veils: The Seven Veils drink recipe is different from the basic seven and seven drink because the Chambord Raspberry Liqueur is added to the whiskey before combining with soda.

Cibola: This Seven and Seven variants call for mixing Goldschlager seven whiskey before mixing it with soda and ice.


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Seven & Seven—together they make 14 and a sweet, sparkling whiskey drink. Try this classic cocktail recipe now. This classic cocktail with 7UP and your favorite whiskey never goes out of style. But the ONLY drink that is a "7 and 7" is 7 up and Seagram's Seven. It's why it's.

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The 7 and 7 is one of the easiest drinks you can mix up. All you need for this cheap and refreshing highball is Seagram's 7 Crown Whiskey and. Following a typical Seven and Seven drink Recipe- the cocktail is prepared by mixing one shot of Seagram's Seven Crown blended whiskey with 6 ounces of 7-​Up. This classic cocktail with 7UP and your favorite whiskey never goes out of style. But the ONLY drink that is a "7 and 7" is 7 up and Seagram's Seven. It's why it's.
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